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Benefits of Working With an Independent Letting Agent

Posted by Matthew Gunn on August 26, 2022
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When choosing a Letting Agent (especially in Glasgow), there are many options.  The key questions to answer are:

  • Are they value for money?
  • What are their fees?
  • What services do they provide (and what do they not)?
  • Are they reviewed and reputable?

When you answer these questions it’s important to consider if they are a smaller Letting Agent or are they part of a bigger chain.  In our experience you can’t beat a reputable local Agent for the following reasons:


  1. Local Letting Agents know the market inside out – expert local knowledge is priceless. We think the bigger chains lack the knowledge required such as investment areas, rental prices and most importantly what will make or break an investment


  1. Fees and more fees… The bigger agents don’t hold back when it comes to costs.  Expect to pay 12% + of the monthly rental.  You will also experience a shock when you see the add ons – Marketing, photography, writing letters, serving notices, inspections, inventories and the list goes on…
    Adding it all up, it can be an eye watering sum of the monthly rental spent on fees.  At Gallus our Fees are simple and transparent, check them out here


  1. The personal touch. If there’s a problem with your rental, or a Surveyor needs access…  If you call Gallus Lettings you will get one of the team members straight away or an email back within the hour.  In our experience when, call one of the bigger agencies you may get passed for pillar to post, someone that doesn’t know the Landlord or even worse no response!
    The personal touch can sometimes be missing when a company manages thousands of properties and has a high turnover of staff.  The small independent agency will win with service that can’t be matched by a multi-national


  1. Support local.  A common phrase, but not only can helping a local business be a nice gesture, it can help you save money and stress.  Often Landlords switch over to us from the bigger companies, not naming any names… Usually by the time a Landlord switches to Gallus they are exasperated at how long it’s taken to get things done, prices have been outrageous and the customer service just wasn’t there.


  1. Red tape. Hundreds of pages of information, layers of managers and staff, spending forever to get anything done, losing keys, sending jobs out to random tradesmen.  The list goes on.  Some of the bigger agencies are simply too caught up in their own processes and procedures that nothing ever seems to get done.  That’s where Gallus Lettings step in – Pleasing our Landlords is vital and we will do everything we can to get Properties tenanted and smoothly managed as quickly as possible!  Thankfully there’s no layers of management and problems can be solved within the same working day (or at the weekend!)


  1. Happy Tenants.  Keeping a tenant happy is imperative to ensure long and happy tenancies and keep your investment looked after.  Tenants like working with us because we are responsive, friendly and helpful.  Enough said!


So when weighing it all up you can see there are some huge advantages in working with an Independent Letting Agent in Glasgow, remember bigger is not always better when it comes to Letting and Investment Properties!



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